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Issuing Payment Summaries to Employees

Payment summaries must be issued to every employee paid during a financial year ending 30 June. These summaries should be given to employees by the 14 July each year.

The information provided in these summaries includes the gross amount of all payments made to employees and any amounts withheld for tax.

There are three copies of each payment summary – one for the employee, one for the employers’ records and one copy to be sent on to the tax office. Reporting of PAYG withholding information can be done either electronically from MYOB payroll software or by paper to the ATO.

Any employees who have been paid an employee termination payment should also be issued with an ETP summary within 14 days of payment.

The ATO generally sends out payment summaries and a payment summary statement to employers around May each year.

AFYF can assist in the issuing of forms to employees and lodgement of PAYG withholding information to the tax office. To complete the payment summary forms employees need to provide their full name, tax file number, date of birth and current address.


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