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This is not advice. Items herein are general comments only and do not constitute or convey advice per se. The information contained in these articles is for guidance only and should not be relied upon without obtaining professional advice having regard to your direct circumstances.


Requirements for BAS

Below is a list of the detail required to be able to process BAS documentation for lodgement:

1) Bank statements for the full BAS period
- Make sure you have all the bank statements covering the required period, including credit cards statements if applicable.  If your statements arrive later in the month you can ask your bank to change the period ending for your statements to make sure they are printed for the end of each month (at least).  This reduces the need to wait and therefore you can get your work to us earlier.

- For those of you who have access to internet banking you can print your statements or transaction listings for the quarter now, and not have to wait for your paper statements in the post. The sooner it gets to us the sooner you can be ready to lodge.

- Bank account transaction lists – Printed out from internet banking to cover any dates for the period that are not included in the bank statements

2) Credit Card Statements for the full BAS period
- Credit card transaction lists - With payment details (method, date, amount) noted on the invoice or the internet banking receipt attached

3) Cheque book or list of cheques written for the full BAS period

4) Copies of all supplier invoices paid or dated within the BAS period- With payment details (method, date, amount) noted on the invoice or the internet banking receipt attached

5) Copies of all receipts paid in cash or credit card - With payment details (method, date, amount) noted on the receipt if not listed

6) Copies of any customer payments or remittances – As provided by customers

7) Details of any bank transfers or BPays - If not listed on or attached to invoices, copies of internet receipts for transfers between accounts

8) Details of any payroll payments - Gross and tax deducted amounts

9) Details of any new leases or finance - As provide by financiers

10) BAS form – from the ATO

11) A copy of the most recent BAS lodged.


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