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Job Descriptions with Various Templates

The job description should be the very first step in the recruitment process. It provides a support for writing job advertisements, specifying necessary qualifications, interviewing candidates, planning job training and orienting new employees.

It is important to be very clear when writing a job description as it is a list of all duties and responsibilities to be carried out within the offered role. The job description should be given to new employees and supervising managers so that everyone understands what is expected from the role and from the company.

The main points of a job description generally include the following:

  • Job aim or objective – the general nature and purpose of the role. Often includes the company’s aim or mission statement and how the role relates to this.
  • Reporting relationships – who the new employee will be reporting to and who will be reporting to the new employee, if applicable.
  • Activities and responsibilities – the essential duties and job functions that the employee must perform, focusing on the purpose and/or results that need to be accomplished rather than how functions are to be performed.
  • Other functions – any responsibilities not essential to the role but are performed at times.
  • Qualifications and skills – the minimum knowledge and abilities required to perform the role; and any licenses or certificates that may be required.
  • Confidentiality
  • Long term goals of the role and/or company

The job description can also be used to describe possible future career advancement within the company, to clarify standards and, if necessary, to illustrate when an employee is not adequately performing job functions.

Job descriptions should be reviewed each time a recruitment process is undertaken as well as at performance reviews. This will ensure that your employees are kept up to date on shifting business demands, changing legislative requirements and the varying face of the labour market.

Generic Job Description Example
Job Description Example - Office Junior
Job Description Example - Chef
Job Description Example - Hairdresser
Job Description Example - Creative Services Manager
Job Description Example - Beauty Services Supervisor
Job Description Example - Masseuse

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